J Watch for iPhone and iPod Touch
J Watch shows you what music has been played on the Australian radio station Triple J.

"If you listen to Triple J, and are frustrated when you can't work out what you're listening to, J Watch is your saviour."
Australian Macworld - ★★★★½

  • A live view of whats playing on Triple J right now (when the information is available*)
  • An archive of playlists to see what was played at a particular time, provided by J Play
  • A list of most played songs on Triple J for the past week
  • Lists of past Hottest 100s
  • Create pins when away from the internet to check what was played later
  • Save a song to come back to it later
  • Stream iTunes previews for songs
  • The ability to stream Triple J internet radio**
  • Search songs are artists to see information them
  • Displays relevant tags and similar artists for the songs played, with links to iTunes, last.fm and J Play

* Please read our accuracy page for more details about the live feed and how often is works.

** Streaming of the internet radio of Triple J depends on your internet connection and the current load on Triple J's servers. If you are having issues, try again later or try swapping between a wifi and cellular connection, or contact me for support.